Meet the Board

The Metro DC CLUW Executive Board is powered by fierce labor activists committed to advocating for and with women & femmes in the labor movement. 

President (she/her)
Union: OPEIU Local 2 

Chelsea Bland

Chelsea is a proud 15 year member of OPEIU Local 2. As a union activist, she has served her colleagues as a shop steward and previously served as chair of the LGBTQIA+ Committee at her local. She's passionate about helping workers advocate for themselves in the workplace and is always down to help organize a collective action when management doesn't do right by the workforce.

Why CLUW is important to Chelsea: 

"Women and femmes are the lifeblood of our workplaces and our communities. It is an honor to serve as a leader within the Coalition of Labor Union Women. I look forward to welcoming more women into our dynamic organization." 

Vice President (she/her/hers)
Union: AFGE Local 727 

Charron Carter

Why CLUW is important to Charron:

"I joined CLUW to stand in solidarity with other union advocates and be a part of the women’s labor movement. At the chapter, I want to be able to help increase our membership, engage in community outreach and involvement, and maintain an impactful presence in the legislative/political arena." 

At-Large Executive Board Member (she/her/hers)
Union: AFSCME Retiree

Carol Rosenblatt

Carol currently serves as the president of the MD DC Alliance for Retired Americans. She previously was the Executive Director of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, a position she held for 20 years.She also was the Administrative Officer of the Washington Baltimore Newspaper Guild (CWA) for 4 years. Earlier she was elected as the president of her AFSCME local (2187) in Philadelphia for 13 years. She began her career as a social worker for the City of Philadelphia addressing the needs of abused and neglected children. 

Why CLUW is important to Carol:

"I got involved with CLUW before the first conference in 1974 during its initial organizing phase as I felt that women needed to be heard in the labor movement, both by having their needs met in collective bargaining agreements and in leadership positions within their unions. CLUW provides educational opportunities and encourages and inspires women to run for office in their unions and for elected positions within their communities. It provides a supportive network which is so important. CLUW also has stood on the front lines of fighting for reproductive and social justice. CLUW has been an important part of my life and I am proud to be a member." 

At-Large Executive Board Member (she/her/hers)
Union: AFGE Local 727

Tyra McClelland

Tyra is a proud member of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). She currently holds a number of positions in the labor movement including Secretary-Treasurer and Legislative Political Coordinator (Maryland) of Local 727, AFGE District 14 National Women’s Advisory Coordinator (NWAC), Chair of the AFGE Human Rights Committee’s NWACs, Secretary of the AFGE Law Enforcement Officer Steering Committee, 2nd Vice President of Council 1 and Appointed Vice President representing AFGE on the CLUW National Officers Council. 

Why CLUW is important to Tyra:

"The work we do is thankless at times but much needed. It is the love of unity and solidarity that keeps us in this fight for workers', human, voter, and civil rights." 

Yvonne Huntley, APWU Retiree


Marilyn J. Wiley, CWA

At-Large Executive Board Member

Ina Wisdom, APWU

At-Large Executive Board Member

Milly Rodriguez, OPEIU

At-Large Executive Board Member

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