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Sign the Petition: Stand with WTU Members for Safe Schools

Kids deserve safe schools, and DC's teachers deserve to know they are supported. WTU's contract expires on Saturday, September 30, and without it teachers will lose key health and safety provisions. 

Take the Pledge for
Starbucks Workers United

Starbucks workers around the country have been organizing, agitating and making historic strides to unionize and demand fair and equitable treatment on the job. Starbucks workers have joined together to created Starbucks Workers United and have unionized 180+ stores nation wide. As workers continue to organize the boss continues to deploy every anti-union, anti-worker play in the book. 

Let's show our solidarity! Take the pledge Starbucks Workers United #NoContractNoCoffee pledge to act in solidarity with these workers. 

Stop the Cluster Model:  Protect Student Health and Nurse Professionalism in DC Schools 

Nurses are always at the forefront of the fight to protect our community's health. So when nurses and students call for backup, we are there!

The District of Columbia Nurses Association (DCNA) is deeply troubled by Children's School Services (CSS) and the District of Columbia Department of Health (DOH) decision to implement a new cluster model. This model will make it mandatory for nurses to float between schools. The new model endangers student health by making it incredibly difficult for nurses to focus on each student. And it stretches each nurse between multiple schools. CSS and DOH plan to replace nurses at our schools with health technicians who have not been granted access to the adequate tools needed to undertake this enormous responsibility.

We demand DC immediately reconsider this harmful cluster model. They must collaborate with DCNA representatives to build a solution-oriented approach that has dedicated nurser per school. This is what our students deserve.

We ask you to join the fight to protect student heath and nurses' working conditions. Let's uplift their voices and stand against this damaging cluster model that profit over people.

Council of the District of Columbia: STOP THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY ATTACK ON INITIATIVE 82: Protect Tipped Workers & Uphold the Will of DC Voters 

Tipped workers, voters, and consumers want restaurant workers to make the full DC minimum wage plus tips. We oppose restaurants using service fees, which undermine tipping and confuse customers. Last fall, DC voters overwhelmingly voted for Initiative 82 to eliminate the unfair “tipped wage system.” 

Nearly 75% of DC voters backed the initiative because we know that tipped workers work hard and deserve better and more stable incomes. Less than 6 months later, the DC Council is considering legislation backed by the restaurant lobby to undermine Initiative 82. These changes would override the timeline for implementation, reduce income for tipped workers, confuse customers, and once again subvert the will of DC voters, just like the 2018 repeal of Initiative 77. 

Restaurants are increasingly using junk fees, described as service charges, to mask their real prices and then blame the fees on Initiative 82. These fees are confusing to customers and often violate DC’s consumer protection laws. As a result, consumers often are confused or resentful about what the service charge is for and whether it goes directly to workers – it does not! – and as a result are less likely to tip. 

Pledge to Show Up for Domestic Workers

We join the National Domestic Workers Alliance in the belief that all workers, no matter their job, should be treated fairly and have safe workplaces. The Federal Domestic Workers Bill of Rights is an important step to make this happen – and we need your help to get it passed.


The bill is the first comprehensive national legislation to provide basic labor rights such as safe working conditions, fair wages, and protections from discrimination and sexual harassment for domestic workers across the country.


By pledging to take action, you commit to promoting and advocating for the Federal Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Your actions can help create a better future for domestic workers and the families that count on them. Together, we can empower domestic workers and create a brighter future for everyone.

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